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Grégoire Provost, Co Founder of, A selection made by MY PITCH IS GOOD

Grégoire Provost, has co-founded He was selected by  the Jury member of MY PITCH IS GOOD

During the MY PITCH IS GOOD Session of September 17, 2021 held at the 5th edition of the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE of Paris. Grégoire answered our questions and presented his project in front of an audience of investors and entrepreneurs

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Grégoire, can you introduce yourself ?


Grégoire Provost (GP):

I am Grégoire Provost, I am 40 years old and I am the Co-Founder of ACHALANDER.COM

ACHALANDER is the “Doctolib” but for the distribution. A vertical business that has proven itself a bit.

I have a background in the world of distribution, since I sold diapers. I was a salesman, then I managed the salesmen and then other careers in retail.

Then another part of my career was in entrepreneurship with different experiences and in particular in Food-Tech start-ups.

What is the Value Proposition of ACHALANDER ?


GP :

Nowadays, everyone knows Coca Cola.

There is not a store that does not sell Coca-Cola, and yet in France there are nearly 400 representatives who visit stores to sell Coca-Cola.

So this market of sales representatives, salesmen who visit these stores, who go to see department heads, managers, represents nearly 140,000 representatives in France, particularly in large food stores.

Achalander’s vocation is to save time, turnover and productivity for these people.

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Because it is a market that is not very organized in terms of appointments. This generates overall losses of time and efficiency for both parties.

Indeed, the representatives have to come to the stores when they are not expected.

It is important to know that a visit costs about 100€ and therefore it is a loss of productivity of about 15000 euros per year.

On the other hand, there are the people in the stores who are interrupted all the time, who receive many calls to organize appointments that are sometimes relevant and others that are not. For them it’s 6,000€ per department manager per year.

It’s a 2 billion euro market that does no one any good, because it’s money lost.

by getting well organized meetings, with clear agendas, and validated, accepted

What do you expect from this day at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE ?



Well, the Start-Up Golf Challenge, my first objective is already to be able to get in touch with investors who know this universe, if possible, of retail, of tech since it is our Universe.

We are a Retail Tech subject with a field that everyone knows, it is to take appointments.

To accompany us in our growth.

I was very happy this morning because I’ve already played golf and yesterday I had a great day with 17 new stores, we had 35 representatives and for this to continue every day, we need a little gasoline in the engine, and the gasoline of the engine is the funds.

Today there are many investment funds, many business angels. I want to make them want to invest so that in a few years’ time, they will have a nice exit.

Interview of Grégoire Provost made by the Founder of My pitch Is Good , Fabrice Clément 

Grégoire Provost - My Pitch Is Good

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