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Christelle KHOZIAN is the Co-founder and CEO at NEW WAY SAS

Christelle Khozian has co-founded a start-up with impact that satisfies many local authorities in the management of their roads.

his start-up was present in Marseille at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE to pitch a value proposition that seduced the audience and to meet investors and local actors.

here is her Interview :


Christelle Khozian :

Hello, Christelle Khozian, partner, founder of NEW WAY, which is a start-up that allows local authorities that take care of roads, to respect laws related to sustainable development.


Can you tell us more about NEW WAY SAS  ?

Christelle Khozian :

We have developed our global tool, already in BETA version.

Then this version was tested in two departments, Hauts de Seine and Var respectively, so that the tool would be really in line with the road business.

For us it was such a success that the version is now commercialised and that it is going to be tested by two new departments in order to be bought.


Who are your clients ?

Christelle Khozian :

We have a big part: Local authorities, so public actors who have the competence, besides.

But lately we have been approached by a big player in the construction industry.

It turns out that it is already very committed to sustainable development and the sourcing of recycled materials, but it does not have a tool that allows it to have the absolute value of the recycling rate on all the sites on which it operates, and it is in this context that we were approached.



“NEW WAY, the digital solution in sustainability for communities”

NEW WAY SAS - My Pitch Is Good

NEW WAY SAS , a suite of digital services for road infrastructure professionals

Do the construction industry players have a CSR strategy ?


Christelle Khozian :

Let’s say that the big construction companies have been playing the game for many years, although it is obviously because they want to save money.

Indeed, it costs less to go and recycle materials than to go and get them from a quarry or in terms of communication.

They play the game, those who have an obligation are the public actors who are subject to this legislation.


What are your next developments and needs?


Christelle Khozian :

We also want to move towards the public buildings for which there are the same obligations and the works of art as well and towards the European Union.

Indeed, the laws that govern the problems of our local authorities are transpositions of European law.

Therefore, they are applicable in all EU countries.

We are therefore going to evolve both towards the E.U. and adapt to the different laws and therefore towards other trades still in the BTP. We need 400 000 € on dilutive between 15 to 20%.



Interview made at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE Marseille by Fabrice Clément at golf Bastide de la Salette

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