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123-456-7890 : Interview MY PITCH IS GOOD of the Cofounder Vincent HIPAULT

Vincent Hipault, the co-founder of FICHA was present at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE of Grenoble. FICHA is a start-up incubated at the Village By CA in Grenoble (Check out the interview of Rimona Ristea from the Crédit Agricole Centre-Est). Ficha is a start-up who brings to local authorities, cities and other actors from the waste management sector to optimize their waste sorting.

A selection made by the Jury Members MY PITCH IS GOOD of Grenoble

Here there is the Interview of Vincent Hipault (in french) :



Vincent Hipault – V.P

I’m Vincent, Co-founder of Ficha. Ficha is a young start-up that wants to improve waste management.

We are attending the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE because we are in the process of raising funds, it was interesting to meet different partners.


What is your Value Proposition  ?



At FICHA, we bring much more traceability in waste management. We started with the observation that today, we cannot optimize a resource that we cannot measure. In terms of management, we don’t know what is happening at the level of a sorting bin, a collection truck or a sorting center.

We are developing an image processing technology that will allow us to characterize the quality of waste flows to enable our clients to improve waste management..

What are your needs !


We are looking for network, funds, ant want to take advantage of this first fundraising to find people who are relevant in our development.

500,000 euros, this is our need, We are already in contact with several funds,


“Image processing technology to characterize the quality of waste streams”


Who are your clients ?


Our customers include waste operators such as Veolia, Suez, and PAPREC, who propose our solution in calls for tender. In local authorities, we work with Le Grand Lyon for example, and we are in close discussions with several of them.



Rejoignez une édition du START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE saison 6: Grenoble, Paris, Marseille

How is your day at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE ?


We spend a very good day, with the Sun, and the golf. I didn’t know this environment too well. We have a great setting and therefore very interesting discussions. Thank you for the event


To know more about FICHA  :


Ficha – une sélection My Pitch Is Good



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