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Florence Richardson, Co-founder of WinEquity and President of FBA

Meet Florence Richardson, president of Femme Business Angel (FBA) and the co-founder of WinEquity. She is also one of the jury members of MY PITCH IS GOOD. Her dedication to supporting innovative companies is evident through her participation as a business angel for more than twenty enterprises per year. In this interview, we explore her insights and experiences, shedding light on her invaluable contributions to innovation and investment in the entrepreneurial landscape.


She was present at the 7th Edition of START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE Paris to meet the 5 start-ups that were short-listed to pitch during the pitching session, MY PITCH IS GOOD ! Florence’s participation as a jury member highlights her commitment to evaluating and fostering start-up growth. Her involvement isn’t just about attending; it’s about building bridges, cultivating a collaborative atmosphere that drives innovation and investment.


Here is her interview:


Did you have a good game?


Florence Richardson:

Well… I’m not sure! Humid, that’s for sure! Despite the rain, or rather the deluge that poured on us, it was still a great time. So, yes, it was fantastic!


Can you introduce us to Femmes Business Angels?


Florence Richardson:

Femmes Business Angels is the first network of female business angels in France. The only one in France and the first in Europe. So, we bring together 170 female investors who invest in startups led by men, women, mixed teams, across all sectors, at the seed and pre-seed stages.

Femmes Business Angels typically invests in about twenty projects each year. We have a substantial deal flow, but we carefully select all of our projects.


Can you tell us about WinEquity?


Florence Richardson:

So, WinEquity is an investment fund with a specific focus. At Win Equity, we invest in companies where there is at least one woman in the founding team with a significant ownership stake. At WinEquity, we have so far made 6 investments in 6 very promising startups led by female or mixed-gender teams.


What are your thoughts on the MY PITCH IS GOOD 2023 selection?


Florence Richardson:

We have a diverse range of projects in different industries, which is what makes events like this so interesting and enjoyable. Meeting project leaders and seeing very different projects is part of the appeal. These projects are also at various stages of development. The pitch is just the first step. Afterwards, we need to get in touch, delve deeper, and thoroughly examine the projects. The entire process is still ahead of us.


Shall we meet again next year?


Florence Richardson:

With great pleasure, perhaps with a bit more sunshine. Thank you very much, Fabrice.


Interview made at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE PARIS by Fabrice Clément at Golf de l’Isle Adam.

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