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Interview MY PITCH IS GOOD : Claire Chanterelle Managing Director at Inovallée

The Managing DIrector of the Inovallée Technopole and its incubator, the Tarmac, granted us an interview during our 1st edition of the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE in Grenoble. A golf event, which brings together every year the actors of innovation, entrepreneurship and investment. The Domaine de Charmeil received us.

The opportunity for us to take advantage of Claire’s presence to ask her some questions

Here there is her Interview (in French) :



I am Claire Chanterelle, I am the General Manager of the Inovallée Technopole and its incubator TARMAC. Inovallée is a Technopole. Its objective is to detect, host and support innovative companies throughout the chain, from creation to MSE,

Today, it is a technology park with 350 companies and 11500 jobs near Grenoble.

We created the TARMAC incubator in 2014 to secure the start-up of new technology start-ups.

In 8 years, we have supported more than 115 projects, some of which were pre-creation, and this has contributed to the creation of 85 active start-ups in the Grenoble ecosystem.

What did you think about the sélection of MY PITCH IS GOOD  ?


There were projects that were quite different from one another.

There were 3 or 4 projects that came from inovallée or from Tarmac or from our network.

In our mission, financing a company is an essential step in its development, so we have always tried to put in touch with all types of public and private investors at every stage.

So here we are testing a new way this year, thanks to you, we cross our fingers that it works!.


Are you looking for financing? Submit your application and we will contact you to help you get visibility with our network of investors. The GOWEEZ agency with MY PITCH IS GOOD accompanies you in your strategic development linked to your innovation and your value proposition and puts you in touch with its investors.

En savoir plus

What stage of development can you accept a project from  ?


In any case, people who have not yet legally created their structure. It is important to take them on beforehand, because in the setting up of the project, there are many mechanics, many mistakes.

Once we have made them, someone who arrives and who has made all the mistakes and who has already been created for a year and a half.

Sometimes it’s hard to catch up, so we like to take them early, because it allows us to structure the project, to dimension it, including the financing plan, as it should be, from the start.


“Le Tarmac : Accelerator of the technopole”

Claire Chanterelle – Interview My Pitch Is Goo

How is your day at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE ?


Well, very well. We have the sun. We are well received, the setting is just beautiful, we meet interesting people, so indeed


To know more about the technopole Inovallée :


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