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MY PITCH IS GOOD of Alexandre Marques – Founder at CAPRIN

Alexandre Marques is an athlete with outstanding performances in trail races and a multi-recidivist in the IRONMAN.

But he is also a young entrepreneur who advances with endurance and perseverance in the growth of his startup.

CAPRIN is the brand of trail-running clothes, 100% Made In France !

Here is his Interview :


Hello, I’m Alexandre Marques, I’m 30 years old, and I’m the founder of CAPRIN, the brand of Trail-Running clothes, 100% Made In France, from the thread to the garment, and made in a sustainable way or bio sourced, so of natural origin.

What items does CAPRIN offer  ?

We have two ranges of items!

I’m going to introduce you to the flagship range, the one I’m wearing today.

It consists of a trail shirt. Here the idea is to do without a trail bag for your races.

We have a jersey that is very technical with 360° pockets around the waist that allow you to take everything you need to run in the mountains.

That is to say, soft water bottles, waterproof jacket skins, headlamp, gels, etc.. without it ballooning, of course!

We have a second product, which is the shorts.

These shorts are made of 100% castor oil, so there is not a single gram of petroleum in the making of these shorts.

We are on laser cut finishes. The idea is to avoid as much as possible the seams. It is to be comfortable on long distances when we want to go two or three days in the mountains on races, for example.


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What are your needs for your next milestones ?


The idea of coming to MY PITCH IS GOOD is to meet entrepreneurs, to be able to exchange with them, and to share,

We need financial support. We are in the process of raising funds.

300,000 euros is what we want to raise, to accelerate the pace of product development, to accelerate the brand’s reputation.

To position it as one of the leaders in responsible outdoor sports of tomorrow.




CAPRIN, la marque Trail et Running, 100% made in France


Interview made at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE of Paris by Fabrice Clément at golf de l’Isle Adam

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