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MY PITCH IS GOOD of Etienne Millérioux – Founder at

Etienne Millérioux is passionate about wine, he is the founder of VIE.GNE. A product that offers a subtle blend of LIFE and VINE.

This start-up was present in Paris at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE to pitch their value proposition and find funding for this unique product of Soaps Cépages..

here there is his interview :



Etienne Millérioux :

Hello, I am Etienne, the founder of VIE.GNE is an original and playful sensory experience.

It’s soaps with the scent of wine and the benefits of the vine. The idea is really to transpose these wine codes into an everyday product


What is  ?

Etienne Millérioux :

VIE.GNE propose unique soaps.

So these soaps are saponified in Lyon, by hand, from grape marc that I recover,

which is upcycled from wine growers who work in the respect of biodiversity.

I also work with organic vegetable oils, to make the soap with grape seed oil.

The perfumes are made in Grasse, which is the world capital of perfumery, and to give the color to the soap that will remind the dress of the wines, it is with additions of vegetable powder and ochre, so totally natural products.



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What are your commitments ?

Etienne Millérioux :

The commitment also in terms of product and brand, is the respect of the living.

It is to be able to offer products that are manufactured in ESAT (Establishments or Services of Help by Work), hence the accessories that complement the soaps manufactured by ESAT in Lyon.

I have associated the company with TIME FOR THE PLANET which fights against global warming.



“VIE.GNE, The Cépage SOAP that respects your skin”

VIEGNE : Le savon de cépage 100% français


What are your needs ?


Etienne Millérioux :

If I came to MY PITCH IS GOOD at the Golf de l’Isle Adam, it’s to meet investors but also advisers, partners who could help me in the acceleration of the development in the growth and the industrialization of the brand VIE.GNE.

The idea is to go fast on the market, so to go fast you have to be able to develop industrially, commercially, to be present. So we also need investment and a network that allows us to break through barriers.



Interview made at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE of Paris by Fabrice Clément at golf de l’Isle Adam

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