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My Pitch Is Good – Interview of Ramona Ristea from the Crédit Agricole Centre-Est

Crédit Agricole Centre-Est, granted us their confidence during our 1st edition of the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE of Grenoble. This event which gathers every year the actors of innovation and entrepreneurship, took place on the superb Golf, le Domain de Charmeil. The opportunity for us to take advantage of the presence of Ramona Ristea, Director of Development of Professionals, Agriculture and Territory.

Here there is Her interview in French :


R.R : “Hello, My name is Ramona RISTEA from Crédit Agricole Centre-Est, I am the Director of the Professional, Agriculture and Territories markets. I am here to represent Crédit Agricole Centre-Est which is a very committed actor in the regional and local ecosystems”

What is the role of the Crédit Agricole on the territory  ?

R.R : “We are very involved in the region, identifying projects that are useful locally. We are both an insurance banker and an investor, but also a trusted third party”.


What are the means of Crédit Agricole to develop innovation !


R.R : What is very important is that we support innovation. We play a role in supporting RSE transitions. And what is very important is that we have the Village by CA Centre-est. Today it is an innovation and start-up gas pedal, with more than 100 accelerated start-ups.


At Credit Agricole, we have access to the leading innovation network: Open Innovation with more than 32 villages in France and abroad. This means a network of more than 1,300 start-ups and more than 700 participants. We are here with all these means to support ideas and projects that are useful to the territory,



Rejoignez une édition du START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE saison 6: Grenoble, Paris, Marseille

How is you day at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE ?


We are in a a beautiful place. Very nice welcoming, we have the beautiful sun, and it is true that it is a pleasure to be surrounded by young people who are really motivated and who have very interesting projects.

I mentioned earlier the Village by CA, and it is a pleasure to see that two of these projects present today are supported by the Village Centre-Est of the Crédit Agricole.


To know more about le Village by CA centre-est :


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