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BEE-CYCLE with his Founder Jean-Christophe MELAYE, Pitcher at MY PITCH IS GOOD

Jean-Christophe MELAYE was selected by the Jury Members of MY PITCH IS GOOD Contest.

During the pitch Session at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE 2019 in Paris (3rd edition), he pitched his Value proposition in front of the audience.

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BEE-CYCLE : The Value Proposition

Bee-Cycle is a young company that propose to employees functional electric bicycles.

The idea is to make available and personally the bike to the employee. This offers an alternative mobility solution that meets the needs and demands of employees.

the Employee and the company share the costs of use.


BEE-CYCLE : The Strengths of the solution

An effective and alternative way for the environment as well for the company’s CSR policy.

It’s a clean mobility solution!

The well-being of the employee with a daily exercise for his health

Easy mobility for companies in the middle of city facing bottlenecks, lack of parking and others.

3 levers: Environment, mobility and well-being for the employee

MY PITCH IS GOOD with Jean-Christophe MELAYE founder of BEE-CYCLE


Below the interview of Jean-Christophe MELAYE, founder of BEE-CYCLE and Pitcher “MY PITCH IS GOOD” at START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE 2019 in Paris (in French)