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Camille Pereira, the co-founder at MEDENE

Camille Pereira, is the co-founder at MEDENE. This promising young startup has been selected by the members of the Jury MY PITCH IS GOOD

During the Session MY PITCH IS GOOD on September 18, 2020 at  START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE of  Paris (4th edition). Camille could not be present. She was answering our questions by videoconference and presenting her project during this Online Interview.

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Hello Camille, can you introduce yourself ?


I am a pharmacist and expert in aromatherapy, I really have the ambition to help and secure the experience with essential oils, for the largest number of people

What is MEDENE ?


So MEDENE, you should know that it comes from MEDEN AGAN which means: Nothing too much.

It’s the philosophy of moderation, of returning to the essentials. It’s a quote from Socrates.

So it was very important for Laure and Marie-Claire, who are my two associates, to have this “Back to the Essential” side. We are going to “source” with MEDENE, the essential oils from local producers who are environmentally friendly.

We use only organic essential oils and therefore everything is 100% natural with a synergy that is the smallest in essential oils.

Indeed, we use the least possible ingredients but to have an efficiency and a dosage that is really adapted to the greatest number of people.


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What are the Oils that MEDENE propose ?


MEDENE was launched last July, in July 2019.

Today we have about 7 products and we have a personalised aromatherapy service that we have been working on for a little more than three years.

Today MEDENE is aimed at all people who want to use essential oils, but are not experts.

That is to say that one must have knowledge of the therapeutic properties of essential oils in order to use them safely.

This is also why we created MEDENE, because there are many accidents, many misuses with essential oils.  Today, we are also there to accompany people and therefore we address people, usually

it is often women who have a more particular attraction for the natural and for the “do it yourself”. We really want to accompany them in this process to move to a hyper-secure use of essential oils.


Where are you on the financing purpose ?


A fundraising was set up which was slightly delayed because of the 1st lockdown.  It is now under way and well underway. What we are looking for is, above all, network, contacts and expertise.

Today, we are 3 scientists, so we really need marketing support, it’s really something essential.

On the distribution part since we sell via our e-commerce site in distribution but also in physical distribution.

It’s also a real know-how, so it’s also important to have investor and B.A. profiles who have this experience behind them and who can really help us.


Interview of Camille Pereira ,made by the founder of My pitch Is Good , Fabrice Clément