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Caroline Audrechy, founder of

Caroline Audrechy’s emerges as a digital fortress for securing essential company data. These SMEs, often referred to as the economic soil of the nation, are the repositories of France’s heritage, know-how, and sovereignty. However, they face a pressing challenge: where is their data, the lifeblood of this century?

In fact, data has earned its place as the new oil—the invaluable resource that powers and sustains businesses. It’s the information that empowers a company to navigate not only the challenges of the present but also those lurking in the future. is more than a digital safe; it’s a guardian for SMEs, ensuring that their vital data remains protected and accessible when needed. Most importantly, this innovative platform enables SME managers to address diverse scenarios.

  • Immediate Needs: Whether it’s securing bank loans, processing subsidies, or managing insurance files, provides a lifeline for businesses in the here and now.
  • Future-Proofing: For SMEs planning for ownership transitions, consolidates data in advance, saving time, and offering potential buyers the reassurance of a well-structured company with a facilitated data room.
  • Continuity Assurance: In the unfortunate event of a manager’s incapacity or passing, is equipped with integrated agents and notaries to ensure uninterrupted business operations, 24 hours a day.

Dual support system

  • Software: This platform collects data, information, and documents to guarantee business continuity.
  • Personalised Guidance: SMEs receive five sessions and a dedicated company biographer, ensuring their unique needs and circumstances are addressed.


1836 - Platform image - MPIG – The only safe that guides you in securing your company’s vital data.

The promise of is clear: to secure the operational sustainability of SMEs, irrespective of unforeseen events. This innovative solution, combining cutting-edge software and human support, not only safeguards a company’s essential data but also provides a means to prove its resilience to partners.

With, the results are clear: SMEs emerge stronger, more resilient, and better positioned for the long term. This empowers SMEs with the peace of mind that their data and legacy are secure, ready to face the challenges of succession.


Here is her interview (in french):

How was your day at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE?


Caroline Audrechy:
Thank you for this opportunity and invitation. I started at 11am with a golf initiation. Looked forward to meeting new people, which I did at the end of the day. Was also able to pass on this important message about the security of our small companies, and I believe that in the room, we have many managers, some of whom have minor children, and others, not necessarily, who are concerned about the future of their company.


Who are’s customers?


Caroline Audrechy:
Prescribers who are insurers, chartered accountants, potentially banks, lawyers and notaries, but in any case for the moment, I’m focusing on insurers and chartered accountants to ensure that they can back 1836 with their products and services too. Chartered accountants are facing a major market challenge, with electronic invoicing just around the corner.

So there’s a real need to be even closer to the executive, to have this real function as the executive’s general practitioner, to support him or her through personalized assistance on these data security issues.


What are your fundraising needs?


Caroline Audrechy:
The subject of fund-raising is a subject that’s being prepared for, which is why I don’t have a key figure to give at the moment, for raising funds today. It’ll either be a 2024 or 2025 challenge, or maybe not at all, if things go very fast.
For me, what’s really important, based on the experiences I’ve heard, is the human element,
is the human element, the people who will financially integrate 1836.


What other markets can you address?


Caroline Audrechy:
Well, that’s a key point. I have 2 countries that I won’t mention, which are perhaps a little surprising, given the European outlook that some companies may have, but which are part of a transmission logic.
No doubt with an ecosystem around the manager that is much more mature than the French ecosystem.


Do you have a message for managers?


Caroline Audrechy:
I’d probably have 3 messages.
The 1st. If you’re a manager of a small or medium-sized business, or in any case a manager today, remember to keep your insurance up to date.
because there are legal security issues at stake.
The 2nd. I’m always on the lookout for accounting firms that are already ahead of the game when it comes to electronic invoicing, which is about to arrive. Most of them are already digitalized and want to offer a differentiating, high value-added service and generate sales.
Finally, I’d like to suggest that we get together and exchange ideas. And I think it’s important to stay close. I think it’s important to stay close to the ecosystem, to our managers and to all the people who, through these meetings, help us to move forward and grow.


Interview made at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE PARIS by Fabrice Clément at Golf de l’Isle Adam.

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