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Denis Latreille, Founder of ZideeUp

Denis Latreille founded ZideeUp, an innovative solution to collect, prioritize, and resolve the problems and irritants encountered on a daily basis in companies. It enables employees to quickly report difficulties, inefficiencies, and time wastage, in order to share them with the community and collectively find best practices and existing solutions.

CEPAC, their client, started with a one-year proof of concept (POC) in June 2021. Which now involves all of their employees since June 2022, totalling approximately 3,500 individuals.

Additionally, through collaboration, continuous improvement, and the sharing of best practices, they have already resolved over 200 irritants/problems. Their application continues to evolve with the addition of an administrator module and statistical tracking to better monitor and progress in their performance initiatives within the company.

This startup was present at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE in Marseille to pitch a value proposition that captivated the audience and to meet with local investors and stakeholders.


Here is his interview :




Denis Latreille :

My name is Denis Latreille, and I am the President and Founder of Exopup, a company that has developed and commercializes a collaborative platform for businesses focused on continuous improvement.


What is the proposition of ZideeUp ?


Denis Latreille :

This means that today, many of our employees are not sufficiently engaged and involved in the company’s performance project.

Despite the desire of these top executives to engage employees on a daily basis, we empirically know that 2 points of employee satisfaction are equal to 1 point of customer satisfaction and 0.5 points of margin.

Therefore, we want to consider how we can better integrate our employees into the process. We provide a real-time web and mobile application to address the issues. Such as difficulties, inefficiencies, and time wastage, that hinder us from performing our daily tasks effectively.

Moreover, the goal is to share with our community and collectively discover existing best practices or solutions in the field. By first focusing on the problems, we can then improve and capitalize on these best practices, ultimately disseminating them on a large scale.


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Who are your clients ?


Denis Latreille :

Currently, these are primarily large accounts or small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a minimum of 100 to 200 employees who have implemented an initial continuous improvement management system and actually want to enhance these processes.

Whether in the service or product domain, numerous small things happen that we want to better understand, capture, and provide the opportunity for employees to testify about their on-the-ground reality.

On a daily basis, we provide an opportunity for employees to share their on-the-ground reality, enabling executives, managers, and support functions to implement the best improvement initiatives to achieve genuine customer satisfaction, naturally, in the end.



“ZIDEEUP :The first platform to collect and prioritize daily problems and irritants.”

ZideeUp - Web Application image MPIG

ZideeUp – The first platform to collect and prioritize daily problems and irritants.


How did the day go?


Denis Latreille :

It was really excellent, in the sense that we were in an environment that fostered informality and facilitated networking. It was not just another pitch, but an opportunity to meet people who were on the same level. Eager to learn more in a simple and easily accessible way. Moreover, It was a wonderful opportunity and a beautiful concept. I hope that it will propel ideas towards an even brighter future.



Interview made at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE Marseille by Fabrice Clément at golf Bastide de la Salette

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