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Franck Adraï, is the founder of My Tour Live. he was selected by the Jury MY PITCH IS GOOD

During the MY PITCH IS GOOD Session of October 15, 2021 held at the 1st edition of the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE Aix Marseille. Franck answered our questions and presented his project to an audience of investors and entrepreneurs

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Franck, can you introduce yourself ?


Franck Adraï (FA):

I am the founder of MY Tour Live created at the end of 2018. So it’s now almost 3 years, and I’m a little bit proud of it, it’s already not bad.

We are specialists in immersive remote guided tours. A completely unique and Innovative experience that combines 360 video immersion with interactivity and real-time communication between the Guide and The Participants.

MY TOUR LIVE seduced people during the confinement period, can you tell us more about it  ?


FA :

That’s right, after a few months, the time for a certain number of institutions to digest the first months of confinement.

Indeed, these institutions needed to equip themselves with remote access systems.

Especially in the cultural field, since they were completely blocked and therefore closed to their public.

They have been looking for solutions to address them to offer them experiences, remote activities.

That’s where we came in, with a completely innovative solution, once again in 360° video, which reproduces as closely as possible the feeling of visiting an exhibition or a museum.


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They liked the very realistic and authentic feel of the visit.

Online mediation, cultural mediation with a mediator who can interact with his public as in a guided tour on site.

For many of them, we were able to start with experiments, pilots and even go a little further with clients of national, regional and even departmental, local rank.

But it’s true, we have seduced some very big players who are now at the forefront of cultural experiences.

I can mention the Centre les Monuments Nationaux. All its monuments.


Which monuments  for example ?


We have done some with them, such as the Château d’If and today we are working on Carcassonne. Not long ago, we did the Abbey of Cluny.

Many museums have solicited us, foundations such as the Louis Vuitton Foundation, regional and departmental museums.

The departmental museum of Ancient Arles, which makes a visit of museum, but also an archaeological visit, that was completely new on a site of reconstitution of painting of 2000 years ago.


My Tour live – Visuel Mobile

We have a wide range of experience in the cultural field, and we have also made developments for the real estate industry.

Everyone knows the real estate tour, the virtual tour, but we brought something new once again with the 360 video.

Then tourism, tourist offices, tourism promotion agencies. Sometimes independent tour guides who were looking to start working again and therefore chose our solution to address their audience. In any case, continue to maintain visits with remote customers.

Where are you standing in term of  development  ?



It’s been a big year of marketing. We did the POC, especially in the cultural field, but not only…

Now we need to accelerate. We have a leadership on the technical level and on the level of the solution.

We need to keep this lead and go faster on the commercial side, and we also need to add more senior profiles to the team. Experienced profiles, which will necessarily be more expensive and require more resources.

We need 1 000 000 of euros for an agenda 2022 – 2023.

With strong development and growth objectives, to really allow us to go much further, both nationally and internationally.

We have opened a few doors internationally, notably in Switzerland but not only there, for example we have a client in China.

For the moment it’s very sporadic, we need to establish ourselves in a more sustainable way on certain markets,

We need additional resources, the POC has allowed us to reach a milestone and we need to reach a second milestone.

Now we need to accelerate and scale up, as they say, and that’s another challenge.


How was your day at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE ?



A very recreational day with very nice partners, in an absolutely wonderful setting.

I didn’t know this course at all, it has a real reputation and it’s not overused, indeed it’s very beautiful!

Then how did I play golf?

Well, as usual, with ups and downs, but overall it’s a great pleasure.

It’s a great pleasure to be able to feel again. Finally to approach these questions and these relationships with these investors and potential investors in a more playful, friendly way,

I like…

I also like this format. We had a good laugh in the group.

I think it’s kind of fun to do it that way rather than often in more conventional settings. Especially in the context of seminars, speed-dating, etc..

It’s a little more stressful, it’s a little less pleasant, let’s put it that way.


Interview of Franck Adraï made by the Founder of My pitch Is Good , Fabrice Clément 

Franck Adraï, fondateur de My Tour Live, présent au Start-Up Golf Challenge d’Aix Marseille