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Grégory Roumezin, Co-Founder at POOLOOP / 21h40, a selection MY PITCH IS GOOD

Grégory Roumezin, is the cofounder of POOLOOP. he was selected by the Jury of MY PITCH IS GOOD

During the Session MY PITCH IS GOOD, the 18th september 2020 at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE – Paris (4th edition). Grégory answered our questions and presented his start-up to an audience of investors and entrepreneurs

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Grégory Roumezin, COO & Co-founder at POOLOOP


Grégory is the co-founder of the French-German startup, POOLOOP, based in Marseille. They launched a unique and exclusive solution called “21h40”. Here is his MY PITCH IS GOOD interview


21h40 ? What’s that   ?


Basically, we transform swimming pools into a connected video screen

We come and replace the floor of the pool, whatever its size and its depth, by a system of interconnected LEDs that can form a screen.

Above all, we connect this screen to a content platform and a management tool. This one allows our customers and users to control the ground, to make their playlist, their programming, upload their own content.

Thanks to the artists we work with, they can go and find content adapted according to the events, the privatisation of spaces, the sensorial that they want to do.

In one click, you totally change the atmosphere of your pool.  You can swim above a school of sharks above the Maldives.

The moment after, you make a privatisation of space for the launching of a product for a brand. You can do something sensational or experimental.

It’s really a very “WOUAH” effect , so you get a very visual product.


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Who 21h40 from POOLOOP SAS is for ?


21:40 is for both BtoC and BtoB,

BtoC is a very “Show Off” business. A very wealthy clientele looking for an exceptional product to show that they have “succeeded” a little in life!

There is all the economic aspect behind our solution, so there is all the people who use the pool commercially.

We’re going to talk about hotels, local authorities, water park leisure centers, cruise lines, casinos.

We can even talk about shopping centers and malls, because often they have fountains or water walls where we bring event or privatisation solutions, or logotisation, a little different very “WOUAH” very captivating for the customer who is watching.

We are the only ones today to offer this solution on the market, no one has ever seen our solution in action, so it’s very captivating. When we broadcast a message of any kind, whether it’s very artistic or very commercial, everyone is watching.


Grégory, where are you in your search for investors ?


Currently we are looking for additional equity either Business Angels or Family Office.

People who can bring us some skills or contacts and some cash, of course, to keep the momentum and to be able to qualify incoming leads.

In addition, we want to realise contracts that we’ve signed, but that were cancelled and postponed because of COVID.

So,  we are in a transitional phase where we have a lot of potential, all indicators are  green, we are looking for a minimum of €100,000.


How was your first time at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE ?


It was great, we didn’t know it so it was perfect.

What also made us feel better was that we were able to talk with people who are a little bit out of our ecosystem. Meet investors and Business Angels but also entrepreneurs who have shown interest in our solution .


Interview of Grégory Roumezin made by the Founder of My pitch Is Good , Fabrice Clément 


Pooloop, 21H40, at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE, selected by MY PITCH IS GOOD