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GUY SONNA PhD, Managing Director France at GLOBAL-ID,

Guy Sonna, is the Managing Director of GLOBAL-ID France. This Start-up has been selected by our Jury members MY PITCH IS GOOD !

At the Pitch Session MY PITCH IS GOOD the 18th september 2020 at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE of Paris (4th edition). Guy answered our questions and presented GLOBAL-ID in front of an audience of investors and d’entrepreneurs

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Guy Sonna, Managing Director France at GLOBAL-ID


This Swiss-based start-up presents a unique biometric technology, Guy Sonna explains us how it works. Interview MY PITCH IS GOOD

What is the offering of GLOBAL-ID   ?


GLOBAL-ID offers an infallible biometric technology. It consists in scanning the veins of the finger in 3D to identify and authenticate people.

The technology is unique in the world, it is the most secure in terms of biometric technology. Currently, what is on the market is the fingerprint, facial print, DNA, etc..,

On our side, we come with the venous print, which is also in 3D… It’s really unique. That’s why we have filed international patents for our technology.

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How does it work ?


Each person is born with a venous network that is unique and does not change throughout the life cycle.

The veins will grow. They will grow in size, but the venous network does not change throughout your life.

It is unique! In fact, for two people to have the same venous network, the probability is 1 in 3.6 billion.

No one can usurp your identity with our technology.


where are you in your search of Funding?


So far, a lot of equity has been rolled over, and a few investors.

Of course with the help of the Swiss Federal State at the beginning, basic research, etc..

Since we are now entering the phase where we are really going to finalise the project, we just need a final push to perfect miniaturisation. Finalise industrialisation for certification. This is estimated at around 4 million euros.

That’s for 2020 – 2022.

From 2022 onwards, we want to get into marketing with the great logistics that this entails. We need about 6 million Euros.


Who are the GLOBAL-ID clients ?


For example, POCs (Proof of Concept) have been already done in Swiss hospitals.

We aim to secure driving licenses and diplomas and we are also in contact with African countries.

Guy Sonna interview made by the founder of My pitch Is Good , Fabrice Clément