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Hassan Lahlou, Co-Founder of UBIQUE TECH, a Selection MY PITCH IS GOOD

Hassan Lahlou, is the co-founder of the start-up UBIQUE TECH. He has been short-listed by the Jury members of the MY PITCH IS GOOD.

During the Session MY PITCH IS GOOD on September 18, 2020 at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE of Paris (4th edition). Hassan answered our questions and presented UBIQUE to an audience of investors and entrepreneurs.

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Hassan, can you introduce yourself ?


My name is Hassan Lahlou, I founded Ubique Tech 2 years ago.

Our goal is to develop tools that will help children and adults in their motor rehabilitation.

I started my career as a strategy consultant, after that, I started selling medical devices in London. While working in the health sector, I observed the weariness of the people who were doing their motor rehabilitation on a daily basis.

I had the idea to develop a concept that could facilitate their daily life, change it and why not do this rehabilitation in a playful way.

I met Ali who developed a very nice concept that we market today to health professional and individuals to facilitate their daily life.

What products does UBIQUE TECH ?

Ubique Kids is the flagship product for children with cerebral palsy or stroke.

These children require daily, lifelong motor rehabilitation.

Ubique will complete the offer for Kinesitherapists and orthotherapists and propose a new playful solution for these children to do their Kinesitherapy exercises.

Ubique Kid is motion sensors and a Mobile application, in which we have a set of video games.

You buy the kit directly from our website by ordering it and having it delivered.

Download the mobile application on your phone and you can start doing your rehabilitation on Ubique.



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Where are you in your search of investors ?


A pre-seed was done at the end of 2018 to develop our concept and test it with healthcare professionals and families.

Today, we want to ramp up our commercial development in Europe and start sales in the U.S.

More than 100,000 euros and some investors are already secured. We would like to meet new investors to close our fundraising.

We are looking for 700,000 euros in total.  This money will be used for 3 things: The 1st is to develop our sales in BtoB and BtoC in Europe. The second is to produce our new kits. Their certification is active for sales in the U.S.

The 3rd is to test the sales in the U.S.

Interview of Hassan Lahlou with Fabrice Clément

UBIQUE TECH, une sélection My Pitch Is Good

UBIQUE TECH, My Pitch Is Good