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Léa Maleh, founder of MAISON MALEH

Maison Maleh emerges like a breath of fresh air, redefining the essence of contemporary tableware. Founded by Léa Maleh, the brand combines tradition and minimalism, creating exceptional pieces that transcend the ordinary.

Maison Maleh’s mission revolves around challenging conventional norms. With meticulous attention to detail, a deep appreciation of tradition and an affection for minimalist design, Maison Maleh distinguishes itself in the field of tableware and home accessories. Each product testifies to their love of new experiences rooted in tradition.

Craftsmanship across France

At the heart of Maison Maleh‘s ethics is a commitment to honoring French craftsmanship. Their porcelain is meticulously crafted in Limoges, a city synonymous with high-quality porcelain production. Metalwork takes place in Normandy, woodworking in Romainville, near Paris, and milling in Sologne. This journey across France is not only geographical, but also symbolic. It signifies Maison Maleh’s commitment to preserving and celebrating the traditions that define French savoir-faire.

Léa Maleh: A Passionate Visionary

Léa Maleh, the driving force behind Maison Maleh, is originally from Beirut – a city renowned for its rich culinary heritage. It was in her hometown that she developed her love of cooking and appreciation of the art of presentation. It was here that traditional meals were served with impeccable flair. After honing her skills on high-end architecture and design projects, she moved to Paris. It was here that she deepened her knowledge of art, design and haute cuisine. This led her to redefine contemporary tableware.

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Maison Maleh – Contemporary tableware

Excellence beyond tradition

Maison Maleh products reflect Léa’s relentless quest for perfection and her passion for innovation. From the engineering of Limoges porcelain, which involves more than ten meticulous manual steps. From the precision of hand-turning the metal to the brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence. Each piece tells a story of dedication and artistry, a testament to Maison Maleh’s relentless pursuit of perfection.

More than a brand, it’s a tribute to the art of creation, the love of tradition and the quest for perfection. Maison Maleh is the place where every piece tells a story and every culinary experience becomes a masterpiece.

Here’s her interview (in french):

Did you enjoy your experience at SUGC

Léa Maleh:

Yes, I met a lot of very interesting people. Even before I pitched, I was able to exchange ideas, answer questions and get feedback. Generally speaking, when you don’t come from the investment world, it’s interesting to get direct feedback from investors, without waiting 3 months for an appointment.

What’s your vision for Maison Maleh?

Léa Maleh:

Our goal is to become the “HERMES” of contemporary tableware. Why Hermès, because Hermès is a brand recognized the world over for its French craftsmanship and the quality of its products. I’m also hugely inspired by their distribution strategy, which is direct sales. No indirect distribution. It’s totally in line with my strategy because I want to control the customer experience from A to Z, whether it’s BtoB or BtoC, and that’s that!

So maybe it’s not the tableware of tomorrow, because after all, we all have different tastes. But there are also those who love everything to do with yesterday, the day before yesterday and 200 years ago. Let’s just say that I’m addressing precisely this segment, which can’t find what it’s looking for in today’s offering.

What will your next fund-raising round be used for?

Léa Maleh:

3 axes, well 2 axes, I’d say, the first is to develop BtoC. Because today, the BtoB market responds well to my offer, to address the BtoC market more, I’d have to invest heavily in marketing. Content, on different social networks, to expand the community, which is already quite sizeable.

the second axis would be recruitment, because today the company is 3 years old, and I’ve been doing everything on my own for 3 years. So I think that’s the limit of the model and that it would be interesting to have more hands in the business, and the 3rd would simply be to have a positive WCR so that we can concentrate on the essential things, without being tied down, like any small business.

What differentiates you from the competition?

Léa Maleh:

That’s one of the things that sets me apart from other brands. I don’t have any collections as such, but whatever piece you mix, 3, 4 or 5 pieces. Everything goes together, it’s possible to “mix-match”, which means that anything new that comes along can always be added to a collection that the customer has created himself, without being blocked by black and white or any other print.

To conclude, do you have a message to pass on?

Léa Maleh:

I’d rather talk about my mission. My passion for craftsmanship, for things well done, for constantly questioning what already exists, and I’d say that sums up Maison Maleh. I work with extraordinary people, without whom my pieces wouldn’t exist. These are professions that must be valued and safeguarded.

Interview conducted at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE in Paris by Fabrice Clément at Golf de l’Isle Adam.

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