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RENTECH with his Founder : ANTHONY MOTTE

Its founder Anthony MOTTE, selected by the members of the Jury: MY PITCH IS GOOD

MY PITCH IS GOOD session of 20 June 2019 at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE in Paris (3rd edition)

RENTECH shortlisted by the Jury Members MY PITCH IS GOOD


RENTECH: His Value Proposal

We offer a market place dedicated to the rental of refurbished equipment.

For consumers (businesses or individuals), Rentech meets the demand for more flexible consumption: a non-binding subscription

For manufacturers and refurbishers (players in the circular economy), Rentech is a distribution channel that increases their margins because we multiply the number of cycles of use per product.


The strengths of the solution,

An alternative to buying and financing (leasing).

the aim is to offer payment for use, because it is to offer consumers the freedom of consumption that is sought by new uses.

It is a marketplace between consumers and suppliers, our business model is straightforward: a subscription for the consumer, we take a commission of 20%, the rest is paid to the owner.

Anthony MOTTE, a short-listed MY PITCH IS GOOD,  pitcher at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE