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Sébastien GRIVEAU , engineer at DIRISOLAR

Sébastien GRIVEAU, is an engineer at DIRISOLAR. This Start-up was selected by our Jury member of MY PITCH IS GOOD

During the MY PITCH IS GOOD session of the 17th september 2021 for the 5th edition of the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE of Paris. Sébastien answered our questions and pitched the project in front Investors and Entrepreneurs

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Can you introduce yourself ?


Sébastien Griveau (SG):

I am Sébastien Griveau. Engineer, I work alongside Philippe Tixier, the founder of the company DIRISOLAR, now since 2013.

It is an exceptional project of solar airship for multiple manned aerial applications.

I also took a position in management as a project manager.


Can you tell us more about DIRISOLAR ?


SG :

The value proposition of DIRISOLAR is to develop, produce and sell the DS1500 airship,

A new generation all-electric and solar airship. It has a capacity of 5 people for multiple manned air markets. It goes from tourism, to surveillance, inspections.

A little bit all the markets that are accessible by helicopters and where speed is not a key factor.

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En savoir plus


It is a project a little bit atypical, which is really in rupture not only with the airships because we innovate so much that we have nothing to do with the airships of the past.

At the same time, it is not at all the same as a hot-air balloon or a helicopter today.

So what we would like to do today, and I would like to thank you once again for having selected us today, is to be able to pitch this project to Business Angels.

This is really the profile of people who have the most potential to enter this kind of project.

It’s a project that is still a little bit upstream. It presents some risks, particularly commercial risks for Dirisolar, but it has this somewhat WAOUH effect.

We are looking for Business Angels who want to accompany us in reinventing the air together.

We are looking for Business Angels who want to accompany us in reinventing the air together.


Interview of Sébastien Griveau made by Carla Maleh from My pitch Is Good

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