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Alexandra Morge Rochette, is the founder of FABULABOX. She has been selected by the members of the Jury MY PITCH IS GOOD

During the Session MY PITCH IS GOOD on September 18, 2020 at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE of Paris (4th édition). Alexandra answered our questions and presented her project to an audience of investors and entrepreneurs.

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Here there is her interview (In French)

Alexandra, can you introduce yourself and introduce FABULABOX ?


I am the founder of FABULABOX, a company in the toy industry that was founded in 2017. And before that, I have spent my entire career in Strategy Consulting, Business Strategy and Marketing Strategy.

FABULABOX is a company that is first and foremost a company of inventions.

We design new edutainment experiences for children to play with. Our goal is to give back some meaning to the purchase of our toys by coming to their fundamental objective, which is to accompany children’s development.

For that, we have a first collection, which has been commercialised for two years now, that you find in this pretty and very compact box: “The fire Station”.

So, this is one of our 9 themes and inside each of the boxes, children will find a construction game that will work on fine motor skills that is also compatible with all children’s toys, a story to read, and puzzles to solve hidden in the different facades of the decor, so a real complete experience, accessible for all children from 4 years old and interesting until at least 10 years old.

What Business Strategy have you Adopted?


We have a commercial strategy which is mainly B to B to C.  We work with toy stores, bookshops too, creative art stores and in fact we have a part of the use that is related to child therapists and also schools with a dedicated Kit that will be released in early January

Today the company has accumulated 150,000 euros in turnover since its launch.

We are in a real year of acceleration for us.

Today we are starting our third country in which we market with a little more than 150 stores in total and therefore the objective is to continue this growth on the GSS power plants and then export “so the 3 countries, there is France…

In addition, we know today that we are fortunate to be in a market that is very international and very structured internationally, it was part of our strategy since the launch.

We are fortunate to have access to these markets quite easily and we are currently in discussions with 5 other European countries and also with the United States for an opportunity on a large network.

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What did you think about MY PITCH IS GOOD ?


It was a great opportunity to restart the fundraising that we had to suspend. We made a first closing of this fundraising, just in March at the club FEMMES BUSINESS ANGELS .

Olivier Aizac, the founder of LE BON COIN has also invested. Our objective is, of course, to go and close this fund raising..

Today we want to find the €200,000 in capital that we are missing.

With investors, who we hope will be interested in our values. The first objective is to strengthen our visibility in the market to work commercial attraction in the points of sale and the second part is to finance our export conquest.

Interview of Alexandra Morge Rochette made by Fabrice Clément 


FABULABOX est une sélection MY PITCH IS GOOD