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Nadim Takshi, co-founder of Openstone

Real estate investments have often been exclusive to the elite. Openstone emerges as revolutionary, breaking down barriers and making alternative real estate investments accessible to everyone. The platform’s commitment to inclusivity and financial empowerment is exemplified through its innovative products, including the revolutionary Livret P.

Livret P.: Real Estate Savings for Everyone

Openstone introduces Livret P., a 100% mobile solution that redefines real estate savings. Unlike traditional investments, Livret P. offers an impressive 4% annual yield with a fixed and known return, providing a transparent and predictable investment experience. What sets Livret P. apart is its minimal entry requirement of just €100, ensuring that real estate savings are within reach for individuals of all financial backgrounds.

One of the standout features of Livret P. is its zero-fee structure. No subscription, management, or exit fees are ever charged, making it a genuinely cost-effective option for investors. The flexibility of adding or withdrawing funds at any time adds a layer of convenience that aligns with Openstone’s mission to make financial planning seamless and user-friendly.

Openstone - Investments for all

SCPIs: Collective Investments with Exclusive Benefits

Openstone extends its commitment to democratization with SCPIs (Société Civile de Placement Immobilier), allowing investors to acquire shares in a diversified portfolio of real estate assets. The platform collaborates with La Française AM, offering a unique 3% cashback on SCPI investments.

Investors can choose from a variety of real estate sectors, including commercial, retail, residential, logistics, and specialized assets such as clinics and retirement homes. With a target annual yield of 4-5%, Openstone’s selected SCPIs provide an attractive option for those seeking steady returns. What’s more, Openstone offers a substantial ~10% cashback on subscription fees, a significant reduction that makes real estate investments even more enticing.

Club Deals: Unlocking Opportunities for All

Traditionally reserved for high-net-worth investors, Club Deals are now within reach for individuals with Openstone. With a minimum investment of just €200 and a reasonable 5% entry fee, investors gain access to exclusive opportunities with a target annual yield ranging from 7-10%. Openstone’s strategy focuses on identifying value-creating opportunities, promising high returns on resale without the burden of management fees.

Fonds Alternatifs: High-Yield Funds for Every Investor

Breaking away from the conventional high minimum investment requirement of €100,000 for Fonds Alternatifs, Openstone makes these high-yield funds accessible from as little as €1,000. With a target annual yield of 7-10%, Alternatif stands out for its value-creation strategies. The platform charges a modest 5% entry fee, a considerable reduction compared to the standard 12%, providing investors with a clear and cost-effective path to high returns.

Tailoring Investments for All

At Openstone, investors define their objectives, and the platform offers high-performance, complementary investments to suit every budget. The emphasis on transparency, low fees, and diverse investment options reflects Openstone’s commitment to democratizing the real estate investment landscape.

In conclusion, Openstone’s innovative approach transforms real estate investments from an exclusive realm into an inclusive opportunity for all. With products like Livret P., SCPIs, Club Deals, and Fonds Alternatifs, the platform sets a new standard for accessible, transparent, and high-yield real estate investments. Openstone invites individuals to redefine their financial goals and embrace a future where real estate investments are truly for everyone.

Below is the interview:

Interview of Nadim Takshi, co-founder of Openstone


Nadim Takshi:

OpenStone is the investment platform that will make real estate investment products
for the wealthy accessible to all.

Who is it for?

Nadim Takshi:

We take products designed for wealthy customers, and make them accessible to those with small
a few hundred or even thousands of euros.
So as soon as you want to diversify your savings, go for securitized products with yields
of 4 to 10%. We’re not talking about real estate crowdfunding, so we’ll be investing in properties
as such. But we do have access to club deals, alternative real estate investment funds such as the BK OPCI fund, which owns the walls of Burger King restaurants in France.
So you can invest via the platform, for example, for €1,000.

Is the platform aimed at all owners wishing to list their property for sale?

Nadim Takshi:

No, we don’t do that, we go to real estate funds that have been managed by management companies for several years.
These funds are generally reserved for investors investing a minimum of €100,000.
We split them up and offer them from €100 upwards, for example.

We’re launching a club deal called Club Deal Passoir Thermique, which will enable investors to invest as little as €200 in a fund that will buy apartments, houses and buildings with “DPE” ratings of E, F or G. We’ll renovate them, and then sell them to our clients.
We’ll then renovate them, and sell them at a capital gain; so your invested money not only earns you more, but also helps to improve the energy efficiency of France’s housing stock and combat global warming.

We’re not here to finance property developers or real estate programs, but rather to provide solutions that are reserved for the “happy few”, as they say, and make them accessible to everyone.

What’s your take on the real estate market, which is very tense at the moment? Is this having an impact on your business at OPENSTONE?

Nadim Takshi:

So of course it has an impact. It means you have to be doubly vigilant.
We have, for example, the Livret P solution. Livret P is a savings account that makes real estate savings liquid, so you can invest a minimum of €100 whenever you want, get your money back whenever you want, and earn a return of between 4 and 6% on it.

With this money, you can buy residential property in the city centers of major French cities.
With the current situation, we’re on a general downturn, so we’re very careful to buy properties that are below market price. We’re going to negotiate well because we have the ability to be aggressive on prices, as we can afford to buy without any conditions precedent.
We do the same for the various opportunities we co-create via the Openstone platform, or with the investment funds we’ve worked with.
You have to be vigilant and always look at what you’re investing in.
We need to take an asset-based approach, and not take on too much risk, while still generating relevant returns.

How long has Openstone been around?

Nadim Takshi:

We launched the Livret P. in June 2022, to make real estate savings accessible, and we’ve exceeded 13,000 customers with the Livret P alone, investing in apartments in Villejuif, Nanterre, Marseille, Lyon and elsewhere.
We’ve spent the last 6 months building up the Openstone platform, which went live a few weeks ago.
It is available through several products, including BK OPCI, which owns the Burger King premises and has generated a 126% return over the first 6 years, but is reserved for very wealthy investors.
In parallel, we have a partnership with the La Française group. We distribute 3 of their SCPIs at reduced prices, and we also have club deals coming up, all in addition to the Livret P.

What are Openstone’s needs?

Nadim Takshi:

We’re growing, and development is going very well. In the summer of 2023, we didn’t spend any money on marketing, because there’s a real craze for the platform. We feel that people really like it.
We’re looking to expand the team, with good profiles, talent and motivated people to join us and democratize real estate investment and savings.
And so, a strategic fund-raising with fund companies is underway.

Are you comfortable with your MY PITCH IS GOOD pitch ?

Nadim Takshi:

I talk about Openstone all the time, so I’m comfortable with it, it’s ingrained in me.

Interview conducted at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE in Paris by Fabrice Clément at Golf de l’Isle Adam.

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