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Denis LIOTTA – Entrepreneur and Investor at MARSEILLE INNOVATION

Denis Liotta is an entrepreneur from Marseille who started his career in the Telephony and Internet industry

Today, he is at the head of a family-owned industrial port logistics group with a turnover of more than 100 million euros His company Mediaco Vrac , in addition to logistics and industrial activities, has become the world leader in grape seed oil.

He also acts as a multi-investor in many start-ups and innovative companies in the region.

In 2012, he created an investment company and a Startup Studio NetAngels ( ) . A financial accelerator to ramp up start-ups from all over Provence.

In 2018, he became the President of the prestigious entity  Marseille Innovation .

He is also very active in patronage of various associations and the creation of endowment funds and a foundation focused on innovation for children and adolescents. (Publisher note: we invite you to read Denis Liotta’s latest interview in

As a serial entrepreneur and now Business Angel since 2004, Denis brings all the advice to entrepreneurs. He continues to undertake and bring motivation and desire to young entrepreneurs to create wealth.

Sharing, contributing… This is the very meaning of entrepreneurship. I have believed in this commitment since I was a teenager, and it has taken shape in the company I lead

Denis Liotta


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Denis Liotta is Jury Member at MY PITCH IS GOOD.  He will be happy to meet the entrepreneurs present at the first edition of the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE d’Aix-Marseille  He follows with interest the applications on MY PITCH IS GOOD. Do not hesitate to get in Touch with Denis.

Denis Liotta est Membre du Jury My Pitch Is Good, la session de pitchs du START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE

Jury Member at MY PITCH IS GOOD, the Pitch Session of the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE

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