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Dominique Mucchielli – Promoting Femmes Business Angels PACA

Dominique Mucchielli has more than 35 years of experience in the financial, banking and asset management fields.

She is very involved in local economic networks, particularly those related to the creation and development of businesses.

Dominique is a representative in the south of Femmes Business Angels, the only network of female business angels in France and the first in Europe.

She is also president of the incubator  Les Premières Sud , The first incubator dedicated to the success of women entrepreneurs but also to mixed teams.

This incubator supports project leaders in the creation and takeover of companies with potential.

Its role is also to help these companies grow with dedicated programs.

Today, Dominique is associated with GOWEEZ events, as a member of the Jury MY PITCH IS GOOD.

she will get eager to help the entrepreneurs present at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE of Marseille. She look after with interest  applications on MY PITCH IS GOOD.

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Ramona Ristea est Membre du Jury My Pitch Is Good, la session de pitchs du START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE

Membre du Jury MY PITCH IS GOOD, la session de pitchs du START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE

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